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May, 2010


Susan and I just returned from a quick trip to the Bay Area where John and Trisha Parker hosted a big party and roast. Never did being insulted and humiliated feel so good! We had a reunion with many of the people who've joined us on listener cruises over the years and a great time was had by all--especially me.

Self-serving department: we also began preliminary planning for a Mediterranean cruise next spring. Details will be available in a few weeks, so if you're interested, contact me and I'll pass the word along to the agency handling the project.

By the way, John and Trisha's book on retirement, "The Best of our Lives", is getting major circulation in Safeway stores and airports. It's the ideal gift for anyone confronting that life-changing event.


If this gigantic fraud/fantasy that is Obamacare proceeds, that may very well become the common answer to that inquiry.

Some weeks ago I wrote an essay called "Six Doctors and a Funeral," which is still posted below. That brought some reaction from doctors who offered elaboration.

Since the threat of increased government intervention in medical care is not new, only larger, it should come as no surprise that today's professionals are very much aware of the decline in numbers of young Americans pursuing a career in the field. Thus the growth in outsourcing of medical practice, i.e., increasing dependence on foreign doctors. Whatever one may think of that dependence from the point of view of American patients, it seems inevitable that eventually the foreign countries that supply a large percentage of our imported practitioners will insist that those doctors remain in their own countries where they're badly needed.

While the liberal (Obama) thrust is for more general practitioners, one must also ask what happens when that GP refers a patient to a specialist. Will there be a specialist willing and able to assume that case? I know a doctor who is one of a half-dozen specialists handling an enormous case-load at a major hospital. Five of the six are planning to leave for medical careers in private industry. The sixth is retiring next year. Then what?

Among the major complaints regarding health care reforms that ARE needed: the lack of standardization of the endless paperwork required by insurance companies and frivolous lawsuits initiated by the legal leeches known as trial lawyers.

One doctor in a well-established career provided a summary of the economic facts of life for today's physician.

Considering the hours worked and the caps on payments under the government-run plans we already have, the pay works out to about the same as a big-city plumber can expect to make. No disrespect to plumbers, but they aren't likely to have spent the fourteen years of education and preparation involved in this doctor's career, under the burden of hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt accumulated in the process.

The entire Utopian fantasy that Obama and company are trying to perpetrate relies, once again, on appeal to the worst of human instincts: " I want something, and I want somebody else to pay for it."


Of the many manifest failures of the ignorance factories we choose to call "schools" in America, one of the most destructive has been the inability or unwillingness of our so-called "educators" to teach young people the distinction between legal and illegal.

This has not only created an inability to tell right from wrong in our indigenous population on matters of immigration and citizenship, it has given to illegal aliens grounds for the entirely reasonable assumption that if we don't take our laws seriously, there's no reason why they should.

Now, the climate of law has suddenly and drastically changed in Arizona, which has borne the brunt of criminal behavior by the illegal immigration industry. And it IS an industry, from the so-called "coyotes" who run the alien-smuggling business to the kidnappers who prey on the aliens themselves and have turned Phoenix into one of the most crime-ridden cities in America.

Since the federal government has utterly failed in its duty to enforce immigration laws, the people of Arizona--a majority, anyway--have had enough and the state legislature and the governor got the message and passed the nation's most comprehensive law allowing local law enforcement officials to make a reasonable effort to determine the status of suspected illegals, possibly leading to deportation. Republican Governor Jan Brewer, successor to the utterly ineffectual -- some would say downright silly -- Janet Napolitano, signed the bill into law.

Napolitano, of course, continues her mission of subverting the nation's laws as Secretary of Homeland Security.

This new legislation was prompted by the murder of a border-area rancher in southeastern Arizona, a man who'd been known to show humanitarian kindness to illegals crossing his land. This murder, with clear evidence pointing to border-crossing illegals, was far from the first barbaric act against American citizens on their own land. Home invasions, brazen theft, killing of livestock and the slaughter of pets and ranch animals--dogs, especially--have been rife and worsening for years.

It may come as a surprise to people in other parts of the country to learn that many Arizonans of Mexican descent, people who whose families have been in the state for generations, are among the most vociferous supporters of firm enforcement of immigration laws.

A series of presidents, more responsive to illegal alien lobbies than to their own citizens, have ignored the border situation. Their allies have included the senate's leading RINO, John McCain, who was one of the leaders of the movement to reward criminal behavior by legalizing illegal aliens.

McCain is now in a fight for his political life as Arizonans recall their Goldwater roots and have turned on the turncoat, who is now suddenly rediscovering his commitment to the welfare of the legal residents of his home state. His turnaround on immigration and other issues has been dizzying and revelatory of the sheer phoniness of the man. When his career is on the line, the "moderation" so beloved by his liberal friends in politics and media suddenly disappeared.

Predictably, liberals are outraged by the new immigration law with demonstrators referring to the police as "pigs" (echoes of the sixties, anyone?) and demanding "rights" for border-violating criminals. It is a further reflection of the failure of our educrats that many of these unenlightened ones believe the word "alien" refers to creatures from other planets, rather than the centuries-old characterization of persons from another country. It seems to prove that Hollywood has done a much better job of indoctrination Americans than has the education system.

A further note: Arizona's law also now includes a demand that candidates for office, including Barack Obama, provide proof of citizenship to be placed on the ballot. Regardless of where you stand on the "birther" issue, one fact: the liberal media, led by propagandists such as those on MSNBC, are simply lying when they say Obama has proferred his birth certificate already. He has not.


On behalf of my fellow Arizonans--at least the seventy percent who favor the state's new immigration law aimed at doing the job people named Bush, Clinton and Obama refused to do--a heartfelt word of thanks to Dennis Herrera, San Francisco's city attorney. We could also express gratitude to the other political demagogues who place racial politics above the law. You have again made clear your lack of commitment to either law or principle.

As a transplant to Arizona after many years of life in the outdoor lunatic asylum that is Mr. Herrera's city, I was delighted to learn that he believes San Francisco should boycott--yes, boycott--Arizona. Overlooking the fact that such a boycott might demand avoidance of natural-fiber clothing items (Arizona is a major cotton producer) or the copper-bottom kitchen-ware so favored by gourmet cooks ('zona produces most of the nation's copper) or coins containing copper, the aspect of a boycott many Arizonans would appreciate would be San Franciscans, themselves.

Many Arizonans are deeply suspicious of the dominant strain of political malady that infects so many Californians, most evident in San Franciscans. Enough of them infected Phoenix to contribute heavily to the

economic disaster triggered by a California-style housing frenzy and collapse. Some folk of that misguided mentality fill various local political offices, to the point where most Arizonans now look aghast at the destruction they've created. (Remember that seventy-percent figure.)

I know from personal experience of home-seeking throughout the southern two-thirds of the state that a wary eye is cast upon would-be California transplants, and especially when it's learned that a prospective buyer is--gasp!--from San Francisco. It took time and an oft-declared conservative mindset before the veil of suspicion was lifted.

Now, having established my bonafides for seven-plus years, I share that endemic Arizona suspicion of "California crazies." We don't want to be another California with its self-created economic disaster and political silliness. While we do have a few theme-park "reservations" for California-diseased wanderers (think Sedona, with its alleged power vortices, crystal-worship, etc.) where self-admitted inmates are humanely treated, they are nevertheless regarded with suspicion while being painlessly separated from their money.

We ask would-be boycotters to further demonstrate their sincerity by never watching any of the classic western movies shot amidst our spectacular scenery and their eyes should always be averted from any depiction of the Grand Canyon, lest they be blinded by the beauty of something NOT created by a bunch of childish lunatics in San Francisco's City Hall or in Sacramento.

K S F O, R.I.P.

    For the past fifteen years, KSFO has--had--been the major conservative media outlet in San Francisco and Northern California. For all those fifteen years--until February--I was the morning host of the highest-rated program on the station--higher than Rush or Hannity or anything else. O.V., Melanie Morgan, Sheri Yee and I built something of which we were justifiably proud.

    I write this reluctantly because I have friends who still work at KSFO. However, I continue to hear from (former) listeners asking, "What's happened/happening to KSFO?"

    When we began the project to revive the once-legendary call letters of KSFO fifteen years ago, a handful of us knew it would take bulldog tenacity with little corporate support to get the job done. KSFO was positioned by the owners as a conservative station not because of any philosophical commitment but simply to foreclose that option to other stations. It is, after all, a business--especially to owners.

    Despite the fact that KSFO was a low-powered (5,000 watts) station up against 50,000-watt giants, and still worse, suffered from a signal that covered only about half of the nine-county Bay Area included in the ratings, the station grew and prospered. Attempts to compete with KSFO failed. KNEW was never a serious challenge; KSFO beat them consistently on the order of four-or-five listeners to one.

    Then came the ownership of ABC Radio (of which KSFO and KGO are part) by Citadel Broadcasting, a wildly mismanaged corporation whose operating philosophy is "run it cheap." I wasn't cheap, but I'd brought in millions in revenue from a successful morning program, the key day-part in radio. Hence my being forced out a few months before my contract ended, when I planned to leave, anyway. Shed no tears; I didn't leave poor, and I expect to collect more Citadel cash in payment for violating their contractual obligation.

    The proximate cause of my departure was money. Citadel didn't want to pay what they'd contracted to pay. I have strong reason to suspect another motive. I was given to understand that my head-on attacks on Muslim support of terrorism were viewed unfavorably by Citadel management, led by CEO Farid Suleman (sometimes spelled Suleiman, as in "Suleiman the Magnficent", hero to Muslims worldwide) who has rendered the company stock almost worthless. I was apparently being ... "insensitive."

    KSFO for years consistently ran in the top-ten stations in overall 6AM-to-midnight ratings, despite a night-time signal that simply disappears in much of the Bay Area. The morning program--mine--was always in the competitive mix at the top, running usually 2nd-to-4th. And the "experts" had said it couldn't be done in the ultra-liberal Bay Area!

    Now, the most recent numbers tell the story. In the latest ratings, KSFO has tumbled to 19th place in the ratings. Yes... 19th. KSFO is once again, sadly, a nonentity. And sister station KGO, the longtime "establishment" station, has lost its decades-long market leadership. It runs third and appears to still be sinking as the Citadel ax continues to swing.

    Under the corporate leadership of Suleman the Magnificent and a handcuffed local management, it's hard to find reason to anticipate a turnaround in either facility. I have no personal stake, either way. I live in Arizona and never listen to either station. But I'm pained to see KGO, where I spent ten years as the token conservative, and KSFO, into which I put heart and soul, decay.

    Sadly, with the sell-out of American radio to a few giant conglomerators, local and independent voices are being silenced. It's especially noticeable on a cross-country drive. The same handful of voices are heard on station after station, and even music stations are largely programmed by another handful of people thousands of miles away who've simply voice-tracked (i.e., recorded) a few inane remarks to be played between songs.

    A further note: listen to the national talk-shows (and I've been approached about doing one) and rarely if ever will you hear a hostile word about the political fanaticism disguised as religion that is the supportive base for the greatest threat the nation faces, Islamic terrorism. Thanks to utterly gutless management(s), that's become the third-rail of American broadcasting: touch it and you (or your career) will die.

    My own career flourished in the full flower of American independent radio. Now, to paraphrase Willie Nelson, I'd have to say, "Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be broadcasters."

  One of the big-picture questions I've often asked serious-thinker guests is, "Do you think the United States today is in a position comparable to the decaying stages of the Roman Empire?"  With a couple of rare exceptions, the overwhelming majority of answers--often after a long, thoughtful pause--has been..."Yes.  It's not a comforting thought, yet a person who follows the major news (as opposed to, say, the latest Kardashian sister adventure) would have to be disturbed by the parallels.
   An oft-quoted summation of the history of great empires is attributed, with some debate, to a Scotsman named Alexander Tytler, who discoursed on significant issues in the late 1700's and early 1800's.  You've probably read it before:     
    A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:
        * From bondage to spiritual faith;
        * From spiritual faith to great courage;
        * From courage to liberty;
        * From liberty to abundance;
        * From abundance to complacency;
        * From complacency to apathy;
        * From apathy to dependence;
        * From dependence back into bondage.
   When forty-seven percent of U. S. households pay no income tax, is it not apparent that we are very near that stage where the voters have, in fact, discovered that, led by a socialist-minded government, they can indeed raid the treasury, with no thought as to where the money comes from or what it does to our longer-term national prospects?
   Want to see the future?  Take a close look at what's happening in Greece today. Our big-picture financial status, government spending versus the Gross National Product, is perilously near the level that's ruined the Cradle of Democracy.
   When the nation chooses a leader who is defined by his own words and deeds as a watered-down Marxist ("spread the wealth around"..."at some point, people make enough money" -- as defined by whom?) whose sympathies lie with our enemies while holding proven allies in contempt, they have made a choice that may be irredeemable.
   When the opposition party, in turn, presents the voter with a choice of an unprincipled RINO like John McCain, they made the election outcome as predictable as it was frightening.
    By the way, as an Arizona resident subjected to endless McCain commercials as he tries to regain some credibility with Republicans and hold his senate seat, originally paid for by his rich father-in-law, I can tell you that his hypocrisy far exceeds in humor value anything ever concocted by late-night TV comedians.  Imagine it: the man who, in his eternal "reach across the aisle", supported some of the worst of the amnesty programs for illegal aliens now presents himself as a staunch defender of the border!
    We are descending from the pinnacle of world power and (sometimes grudging) respect into an inept joke-nation. That seems to be the chosen path of American voters. If it isn't strongly, overwhelmingly corrected in November's elections, the end of our national story is as predictable as it is sad.

   Okay, it's a sorry and probably obscure play on "Apocalypse Now", but it would be foolish in the extreme to ignore the parallels between the culmination of the Greek financial collapse and the apocalyptic path being trod by our irresponsible leftist administration.
    Other European countries, members of the European Union, are coming up with billions of dollars to bail out Greece from a fiscal disaster brought about primarily by an oversized, overpaid government-employee sector. Those countries being forced into the bailout are very skeptical that, faced with public union "workers", the Greek government can make stick the reforms to which they've agreed--major cuts in government employee benefits.
    Not only does the latest Gallup Job Creation Report show that the only growth in employment in the U.S. is government work, especially at the federal level, if the Obama Health Plan is ever implemented, it'll bring even larger government employee growth.  More union workers, more money for the Democratic Party.  The connection is vivid.
   Is there anyone who DOESN'T understand that government employee growth, with ever-larger benefits, including pensions, is dependent on taxing the productive, private sector more and more to sustain itself?
   If the Obama policies aren't stopped, we are headed for fiscal catastrophe, a la the state of California, run into a hole from which it may never recover by government employee unions and pandering politicians.

* * * * *

    Speaking of confiscatory government policies...  If you own an annuity, be prepared for a rude shock regarding the tax basis when funds are withdrawn.  If you haven't already heard from your carrier about it, you will. It's all clearly part of the Obama philosphy of taxing funds already taxed in order to take more money away from those people who worked hard and foolishly saved money. 

 * * * * *

   Thanks to an observant street vendor, a disaster was averted in New York.   Once again, the Obama bunch had great difficulty using the words "terror" or "terrorism".  The laughably inept Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, tied herself in knots trying to avoid such terms. Perhaps she will feel more comfortable with them when she can find a way to accuse U. S. military veterans or Tea Party supporters to blame.
    At what point will a majority of Americans recognize that the obsession with "diversity" among lunatic liberals amounts to a national suicide pact?  Why do we deliberately admit to this nation people whose culture/religion dictates that they must destroy us?
    If Obamacare proceeds, be prepared:  We'll be importing many, many more of our doctors and other medical personnel from the same sources.


A question for folk in the medical world: Is my experience extraordinary?

The vicissitudes of life have given me more experience with the health-care system than I'd prefer, starting with a foot amputation at age 13 due to an accident working in timber. Ours was a poor family, and we all worked or nobody ate. Cancer at twenty and a few other medical needs have caused me to spend time in more than a few hospitals.

Without fail, every one has had a sign posted on the premises saying that no one will be denied medical care for lack of ability to pay. That being the case, why the hysteria on the left proclaiming that people are dying in droves for lack of care?

In my own case, my family's meager resources were exhausted by the first accident, but we did manage to pay. Later, my work brought with it medical care. And when a lung infection put me in the University of Arizona Medical Center for a month in February 2010, one of my doctors informed me that, because I do have a good medical insurance plan, I was the ONLY "full-pay" patient on the entire floor of that huge facility. Does that not make a good case for the argument that much of the hysteria is unwarranted? Am I missing something?


...your upkeep will be your downfall.  A piece of timeless financial wisdom to guide one's thinking in considering that Moody's, the respected bond-rating service (meaning they evaluate debt risk) says the U. S. could hit the wall of unsustainable government spending in as little as three years.  Message: be very wary of longterm commitment in bonds or CD's at today's rates. They'll probably look paltry long before maturity.

Points to ponder:

Cynics versed in human nature were always skeptical about the European Union and its unified currency.
The Greek crisis brings into focus the difficult--perhaps impossible--task of trying to unite so many very different cultures in one economic entity. One could hardly imagine two societies more different than, say, Germany and Greece.  Methodical, hard-working Germany vs. take-it-easy Greece, which in many ways is more middle-eastern than European.  The goal was noble. The EU was intended to forestall the nationalistic frictions that have led to wars.  But allowing countries to control (or NOT control) their spending while having no control over their currency, the Euro, was unrealistic from the start.

One of the biggest recipients of BP oil money:  Barack Obama.  By the way, note how media references to BP's oil spill problem now more often refer to the company as...BRITISH PETROLEUM, a reality long obscured by its advertising which poured major money into the very news media now covering the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Halliburton was once the dirty word among Democrats for having gotten large government contracts for services to our military. The very name of the company became part of the liberals' anti-Bush mantra. Now comes word, quietly, that the evil Halliburton has received a $5 billion no-bid government contract from the Obama administration for services to the armed forces.

Attention, Pres. Obama: Venezuela is the latest example of your favored socialist economic policies at work. The inflation rate there has hit thirty percent and the economy is a disaster. The answer from Dictator Chavez is--more government control.  Danny Glover, Sean Penn, et al: where are you when your hero needs you?

The family that rehearses together...
...wasn't it nice to see Michelle Obama's teleprompter-reading skills on display at the graduation ceremony in Pine Bluff, Arkansas?  Read left, read right...read left, read right....

...and in sports...

It's reported that the World Cup soccer championships in South Africa have resulted in the importation of a billion condoms and 40,000 hookers, all of which seems to have gone unnoticed in the relentless ESPN promotion of an event that most Americans care nothing about. Anyway, shouldn't this be covered in the business news?


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has voted to "boycott" Arizona, in response to the usual rants by the lunatic lefties that dominate the city or, as self-obsessed San Franciscans prefer, The City.

Again, we Arizonans say, "thank you!" We'll deal with illegal immigration our way, you do it your way. You know--the way that's run you into bankruptcy.

Does "boycott" mean the environmental nut-jobs who run California and refuse to allow electrical generating capacity to be built to match their demand would rather have their lights go out and their air conditioners shut down than get a large part of their power from the giant COAL-BURNING Four Corners generating plant, mostly owned by Arizona Public Service?

As a longtime friend of mine says, "We have two words for you, California. A verb and a personal pronoun.
Figure it out for yourself.

Arizona has now further infuriated the leftist "diversity" fanatics by passing legislation aimed at that gigantic academic fraud called "ethnic studies."

Such courses, along with other time-wasters like "women's studies", have long been a refuge for academic types of no particular merit and a student cohort largely consisting of young people who have no idea what they want to do in the real world, preferring to coast thru college on daddy's money or scholarship throwaways.

The prime product of these bogus courses is hatred of America and group-think. That is what the Arizona legislation is designed to stop.  It's the answer to the very rational question, "Why should productive taxpayers fund classes that encourage students to hate them?"

Years of exposure to the world as a veteran of the travel industry more interested in learning than in beaches--about seventy-five countries, last time I counted the stamps in my passports--taught me that (A) yes, there are other nations in which many of us could live happily and (B) there are many more that are far worse than anything American lefties could tolerate. In fact, they'd quickly learn that THEY wouldn't be tolerated.

The basic challenge to the perpetual malcontent is as valid as ever:  if you don't like it here, leave.  If this country is so awful, why are far more people trying to come in than leave?

Of course, some immigrants, especially from the middle-east and Latin America, clearly come here with the intent of trying to turn this country into the sewers they left behind.  Given a couple more elections like the last one,  they may very well succeed.


Is anyone really surprised that FBI documents show Walter Cronkite, "the most trusted man in America", was advising anti-war protestors during the Vietnam War?  "Fair and balanced" never entered the lexicon of the avuncular leftist who was Mr. CBS News during that era. He had an agenda, and he was promoting it.

It's a matter of record that when "Uncle Walter" lowered his spectacles, looked into the camera and pronounced the Vietnam War lost after the Tet offensive, President Lyndon Johnson told his inner circle, "If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost the nation," and proceeded to behave accordingly, bringing to a close one of the most infamous--and destructive--chapters in American history.

One can make a credible argument that U.S. involvement in Vietnam was a colossal mistake from the start. As I was told in Saigon several years ago (the locals refuse to call it Ho Chi Minh City, the official name) many there still believe, however fragile their logic,  that we originally involved ourselves because then-President Kennedy's wife was....French.  Bouvier.  The French had been despised colonial masters of Vietnam...were driven out...only to have the Americans arrive in support of a corrupt South Vietnamese government.

There are, of course, millions of Democrats who, to this day, can't bring themselves to admit that it was Presidents Kennedy and Johnson who got us into that bloody quagmire. Later came President Nixon, who confidently patted his breast-pocked and pronounced, "I have here a plan to end the war."  We found out later the "plan" was...to proceed with the capitulation begun by Johnson, getting thousands more Americans--and Vietnamese--slaughtered while Kissinger played patty-cake with the North's Le Duc Tho in Paris. That farce earned both of them, jointly, the Nobel Peace Prize. The award says more about the value of the prize than about the performance of the main actors.  

However, as a matter of historical military fact, we didn't lose the war in Vietnam.  We quit.  Gave up, with the war won.  Because the Tet offensive by the Vietcong and their North Vietnamese allies was not a success for them, it was a colossal--and potentially terminal--failure.  A high-ranking North Vietnamese officer said shortly after war's end that they'd expended everything they had in the offensive and were on the verge of giving up, themselves.  They were astonished when the blundering fool in the White House handed them victory on a silver platter.

Decide for yourself whether Cronkite, mentor to Dan Rather, should have earned a different title: "The most treasonous man in America."


It's set for April. Twelve days around the Mediterranean, Barcelona to Venice with great port calls in between. If you'd like to join us, e-mail your phone number to RadioRodgers1@yahoo.com and you'll get all the details.


Has Obama's blessing become the kiss of death in politics?  He's been personally invested in four races of national importance--the governorship in Virginia and New Jersey, the senate in Massachusetts and now Arlen Specter's run for senate re-election in Pennsylvania--and lost all four.

It should not be forgotten that bedding down politically with Specter was one of many blights on the Bush record, as well. At last, the Typhoid Mary of American politics is going away.

It's been amusing to listen to Democrats try explaining away the Tea Party influence on the election. Their only glimmer of hope is that a functionary in the office of the late and corrupt Congressman Jack Murtha won the primary in that Pennsylvania district, evidently as an expression of hope that somebody from the old crook's office will keep the pork rolling in.

With Obama's support hitting a new low in the Rasmussen poll, perhaps there's hope that the nation is starting to recover from the stupor that resulted in the election of a Muslim sympathizer with obvious Marxist inclinations to the highest office in the land.

Bush made some demonstrably foolish mistakes, clearly compounded by Obama.  Is there any serious person who can believe that the nation's economy isn't worse off and our national security weakened by this liberal Klown Kollege he has assembled?  It speaks volumes that our space program is a shadow of this once-proud projection of America's standing in the world; it now has us hitching a ride on the Russian-operated space station.

If the Obama goal, abetted by the likes of the turncoat Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, has been to reduce America's status--and Obama has stated that as an objective by saying that there's nothing exceptional about the United States--he's made large steps toward achieving it.

We'll be a lot wiser after the November elections.

I offer the following letter without commentary.  It was forwarded to me by a longtime friend, a Mexican-American who has relatives in Mexico, one of whom formerly lived in the United States but is now back in Mexico. I know his name, but can't reveal it because his words would be regarded as inflammatory in some circles.

Here's what he wrote to his American relative:  

"This needs to be said.  There is proper procedure for coming into any country... it is not for outsiders to question. It's like the neighbors demanding I let them in to use my pool, my gym equipment and my library.  It is my option, not my obligation.

I've been living in Mexico for 4 years now, and let me tell you, other than the cheap mangos and avocados, there isn't much to brag about. Los Mexicanos have rarely if ever been a people of law... just take a drive down any street in TIjuana, few respect stop signs or stop to let pedestrians walk across.  

I think it has something to do with "VIVA LA REVOLUCION" and the misinterpretation of what that rebellion was all about.  That attitude of disdain and disrespect for the "Civilized Europeans" and the "Civilized Gringos" has not stopped.  They consider people that follow laws as stupid sheep.  I hear it all the time... "Pinches gringos pendejos" ("stupid sheep" is the more polite translation) referring to all the law and order they have to abide by.  "We can do whatever we want here in Mexico."  

Poor people working for the ultra-rich have little respect for the rich, and since GRINGO equals RICH in their minds, they feel they can do whatever they want as part of their liberation.  I see an outright feeling of "I deserve this also."

An ex-bullfighter friend once said, "if they feel so patriotic and so deserving and so revolutionary, why don't they stay here in Mexico and fight for their rights like our forefathers did.  They are traitors to our country, running away thinking it will be easier."  Well, it probably has been easier, because they took advantage of a system that allowed them to make a good life for themselves.  I think now they can come back and teach other Mexicans how it is done in the USA and help Mexico get back on it's feet.  But I doubt very much that will ever happen.  It is a genetic disposition of denial, laziness, complacency and misplaced pride."


It's difficult to distinguish differences in degrees of absurdity between the president of the sewer called Mexico coming to the U.S. to lecture us about our immigration laws (his own laws routinely violate human rights) or the ridiculous sight of Democrats in the congress applauding him for doing so.
Then we have pretentious punk and legendary drunk, Congressman Patrick Kennedy, who's never worked a day in his useless life, likening the law on illegal immigration passed by the state of Arizona to the slave trade.

Such behavior on the part of elected representatives, as well as a quasi-Marxist, racist presidential administration obviously determined to squander America's hard-earned position of leadership in the world, might well persuade one to consider...

Living Overseas

There are other countries where life can be pleasant. Switzerland, exemplary, has managed to avoid the silliness that afflicts so many nations--including this one. For one thing, they wisely stayed out of the now-disintegrating European Union. There are other nations run by actual intelligent beings.

A cautionary note, however.  If one is tempted to invest in either a vacation home abroad, or even a permanent relocation, one must proceed cautiously.

Thanks to the fact that most of today's television is so awful as to pain the eyes, I occasionally flick across the HGTV Channel. Intermixed with various programs about repainting your bedroom in some hideous shade, there are a few about house-shopping in foreign countries.  While I'm amazed that there are people who will give serious consideration to paying upward of $500 per square foot for some dilapidated ruin in rural Italy, many seem to give no thought to the legal and political environment into which they might be moving. I recently saw a couple making a purchase in...NICARAGUA!  The same Nicaragua now under control of "Red Danny" Ortega, the self-admitted communist who authored a previous revolution that confiscated privately-owned property.

(Full disclosure: A member of my wife's extended family lived and worked as a manager for an American company with a branch in Managua. When Red Danny's boys decided to make an example of a gringo, they blew up his house and kidnapped his two children.)   

Property in Mexico is being hustled by promoters charging U.S. prices for wasteland on which dwellings of dubious construction quality are being built.  More frightening, consider this:

A couple...friends of friends...bought a house in Guadalajara, Mexico, about ten years ago.  The fact that they chose to buy in a city long known for a distinct leftist tilt in local politics is secondary to the tragic outcome of their story.

The wife last year became seriously ill, and had to return to the U.S. for the required medical treatment.  The husband came with her.  She improved, and a few months later he went back to Guadalajara to find their house confiscated by the government.  Yes--confiscated.

While publications carrying advertising for overseas property sales can always find people claiming an idyllic lifestyle in some foreign Utopia, always consider the possibility that some local demagogue might claim that foreign devils are exploiting the indigenous folk and get elected to a position of power--assuming they will always HAVE elections.

Oh. What happened to the Guadalajara (former) property owners?  They've now living in a trailer park in the U.S., their invested savings...gone.


History is a great teacher for those wise enough to learn. That obviously excludes the wily but witless manipulator we have in the White House as well as far too many in Congress.

There is an object lesson in the news headlines today: North Korea threatening "all-out war" against South Korea if the south responds in any appropriate way to what was clearly the sinking of a South Korean naval vessel by North Korea, evidently under the director orders of dictator Kim Jong Il.

He, of course, defines the term "self-centered", with his enormous imports of the highest-priced cognac and history of bringing in planeloads of European prostitutes while his countrymen were verging on mass starvation. He clearly doesn't care what happens to his country--or anything else--once he departs the scene.

The enduring lesson is found in the Korean war, which was instigated in 1950 by another North Korean dictator, father of the present-day thug. It was suspended by a cease-fire three years later. There was never a peace treaty; still isn't.

Students of history can learn for themselves that our military commander at the time, General Douglas MacArthur, wanted to carry the war to a victorious conclusion including, if necessary, nuclear attacks on the bases in China that were funneling troops and and military supplies to the North Koreans. It was not a solo decision; the Joint Chiefs of Staff had authorized the order to be given.

Instead, he was fired by President Truman. Secretary of State Dean Acheson, a leftist relic from the Roosevelt administration, prevailed over the judgment of all our military leaders. Some would say it was the worst single decision of the Truman presidency.

With the benefit of twenty-twenty hindsight, one can readily conclude that MacArthur was right, and Truman was foolish. At the time, we were the only nuclear power. The threats and trouble-making by by North Korea have now gone on for sixty years, and instead of being given a chastening lesson, China has grown in military power--abetted by Bill Clinton, among others--and is now a clear long-range threat. Of course, the economic sword they hold over our heads may make a military threat simple a subsidiary weapon, again thanks to a succession of presidents who have mortgaged our future to China. That mortgage has grown ever-larger under our present socialist president.

Look at the policies of appeasement and conciliation of enemies operative in the Obama administration and decide for yourself if he is capable of learning from history. Unless, of course, such concessions are key instruments of his own policies.

Lee Rodgers"...and now, if you'll excuse me..."